Award-winning Marketing Consultancy. Led by industry veteran, published academic, lecturer & media contributor in Consumer Behaviour and ESG Strategy and Communications, Dr Joshua Jalloul.

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We specialise in Brand Behaviour, Strategy and Communications that helps develop and grow brands in the private and public sphere. Brand Hatch’s specialist ESG division – The Ethical Marketing Doctor (EMD) – focuses on social and environmental responsibility which is the most valuable yet  misunderstood business pillar of the decade (United Nations, 2023).

Dr Joshua Jalloul is a leading expert and media contributor in the field of ESG communications and Consumer Behaviour. The EMD is the proprietor of the ethical marketing doctor is the creator and proprietor of breakthrough research tool, BCOT®: the world’s first and only ‘over-claimer’ detection technique for accurate survey results click here to learn more.

Market Challenge:

The eruption of the digital age and the democratisation of enterprise has led to a flood of small brands in any given market, against a backdrop of consolidated multinational advertisers who outshine and outshout.

What does this mean?

Emerging and struggling brands with brilliant ideas and innovative products aren’t given the right support to rise above the clutter. The barrage of content reaching an audience with an ever-decreasing attention span makes it even harder.

Brand Hatch came about as a mission to help people with passion channel their energies and translate them into informed brand & communications strategies. 

Philosophy Brand Hatch


In a world where products and services are abundant, true success comes from establishing a meaningful connection with your customer.

What we do:

We develop the brand which holds the key to tangible business results.
We identify your competitive advantage.
We create the hook that connects the consumer to your brand.
We strategise how to bring the brand to life.
We help tell your brand story to your audience.

Brand Hatch believes that your brand identity and strategy must be developed in conjunction with your marketing communications. Separating your brand strategy and your communications is not conducive to a holistic and effective marketing approach. That’s why we’ve created an end-to-end service for small to medium sized enterprises across all sectors.

Brand Hatch is built on a decade of building brands and creating award-winning campaigns for the world’s biggest advertisers in the ever-changing media landscape.


Perhaps it’s easier to tell you what a brand is not:

A brand is not a logo. A brand is not a product. A brand is an intangible construct; largely created by consumer perception and the market it operates in. It defies rationality and logic. Our approach to branding: Purpose over product and feeling over function drives brand equity and brand preference.


Again, perhaps it’s easier to tell you what it’s not:

It’s not Big Data, AR, AI, hyper-personalisation, content, social media, voice recognition, disruption or innovation. These are all elements, functions, tools and tactics.

Marketing and brand strategy is a tailored and considered implementation of
Theory & Insight | Experience & Instinct to drive one of the following:

1 Brand Launch
2 Brand repositioning
3 Brand affiliation
4 Brand preference

Brand Hatch Philosophy


So, you have a brand ethos and a clear strategic hook to establish a relationship with your consumer base. This is of little worth if they can’t hear or see you. You need to tell your story to your audience efficiently and effectively in your communications.

Brand Hatch - Branded Content & Social Media


Branded Content has been our specialism for over a decade.

People need a reason to advocate your brand; to subscribe, follow, like & favourite. The reason isn’t so that they can keep up with your advertising. In fact, people actively avoid brand ads through apps and tools. They resent retargeting when it feels intrusive – like in their social media space.

They want inspiration and information, not the hard sell. They need a message delivered through content that elicits emotions to engage them. This is why your social media and branded content strategy must ladder back up to your brand identity and your marketing objectives. It’s crucial to form a solid social media content plan that will deliver engagement and awareness.

True brand engagement is the act of telling your brand story through content, tailored to the platform, the user, and time.


Our application of marketing theory, consumer psychology & market research with practical experience working for the world’s biggest brands produces business results and builds brand preference and consideration in an increasingly tough marketplace.

Brand Hatch uses a methodical yet empathetic and tailored approach to brand development, so that your company can create trust and meaning to consumers.


1 Insight & Research
2 Brand Audit
3 Brand Positioning
4 Marketing Objectives setting
5 Competitive Advantages

6 Brand Strategy
7 Communications Strategy
8 Content Creation
9 Analytics & Optimisation
10 Brand Management


Josh Jalloul – Founder and Lead Consultant

Brand Hatch Marketing Consultancy: About - Josh Jalloul - Founder and Lead Consultant

Josh is an industry recognised and awarded marketing specialist – with 15 years’ experience building some of the world’s biggest brands. With a Ph.D in Ethical Consumer Behaviour and a visiting lecturer at multiple universities in digital comms, research methods and branding, his skillset is truly unique as a consultant in this space.

Josh’s mission is simple: helping businesses become profitable through effective branding and communications. His goal is to leverage his experience to build or reinvigorate your brand.

Science and research meets emotional understanding to produce exceptional business results.


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