One of the key objectives for any brand is to gain awareness with a limited budget. Perhaps more important is getting the right awareness. Your brand identity is a necessity – rather than an advantage, and it shines through via branded content. Engagement is therefore vital.

100k followers who are unengaged and prone to ‘brand switching’ are less valuable than 10k highly engaged consumers. Developing strong relationships with your audience relies on a strong content strategy across relevant social platforms: in the right format, at the right time of day, with the right messaging.

The value of a consumer interaction (like, follow, retweet, view) goes back to the theory that there are two types of popularity* (Prinstein, 2017): one derives from likability, the other from infamy & notoriety. Among people, the healthier and happier type is likability, and this can be applied to brands. You’re better off having 100 followers who love your products and believe in your brand, than 1000 who ‘know’ who you are. Invest in gaining likability, rather than notoriety. Particularly in the social media and PR space.

Content is at an all-time high. We are inundated with it. It’s this decade’s buzzword. While this means there are more players to compete with, it’s proof that it works.

With adblocking and ‘walled gardens’ being adopted, digital display advertising has fallen out of favour. We’re seeing increasingly low viewability and click-through rates. Organic social content delivers high impact and engagement direct to your target audience, as well as establishing a personal relationship with them – the ‘holy grail’ for any brand owner.