Communications is an all-encompassing term relating to channels that include broadcast media, wom, experiential, pr, search and social media. The common dominator must be a consistent brand voice.


Having strategic purpose embedded into your communications is vital. Your communications (whether it be a piece of content, ad copy or experience) must ladder back up to your brand objectives. Your communications must be accountable – set your KPIs (key performance indicators) and make sure you’re meeting them.

Monitor and optimise throughout – you steer the ship. Your communications must be creative. How you communicate your product benefits doesn’t have to be in simple bullet points. You must engage consumers by speaking their language, and adding value to their everyday lives. This is where the power of branded content and effective social media come in…

Today’s media landscape allows for any brand to gain mass awareness and engagement with small budgets. It’s the highest return on investment known.

The challenge is structuring a branded content and social media strategy tailored to the audience and platform yet staying true to your brand ethos. This is a huge ask. It’s why many brands fail in this space. But it’s also why some of the biggest brands have shifted nearly all of their advertising spend into it. It’s why start-up brands have become million dollar enterprises. If you do it right, you’ve landed your brand in the market.